The Kinds Of Students At Burlington Central High School Essay

The Kinds Of Students At Burlington Central High School Essay

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The Kinds of Students at Burlington Central High School.
Every high school has their own unique groups of student that can be seen around campuses. Here are some of the different groups of student that you’ll see at Burlington Central High Schools: scouts, nerds, popular kids, and the want to be gangsters.
Scouts are kids who are involved in a boy scouts troop and their friends participate in Boy Scout related activities. In addition, most scouts tend to share same common characteristics, personality traits, and a similar mindset. Typically, scouts have a lean body build wearing t-shirts, jeans, hiking shoes, and a carrying a backpack with a hoody inside. Some common personality traits among the scouts are outdoorsy, nature loving, hardworking, quiet and honest. Academically, they are slightly above average. One negative about the scouts are that they will snitch on other people, who did something they weren’t supposed to do. Some positive about this group is once they befriend you they are willing to help you out and they will invite you to special boy scout events, like all night laser tag. To conclude scouts are just a close nit group of outdoorsy friends, who share a common interest and always have each other’s backs.
In every class, there’s always those kids who understands everything taught in class perfectly. Unlike the rest of the class, who have known idea what the teacher’s talking about. Nerds are kids who are naturally smart when it comes to academics and are always trying to get the best grade possible. Most nerds are either really skinny or on the heavy side. They tend to dress in semi-formal wear, such as a button up shirt and khakis. Common personality traits are that they are a little anti-social, snobby, shy, ...

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...lity wises they tend to be sort tempered, vocal, and reckless. Academically the want to be gangsters just doesn’t care. The only reason they even go to school is to just hang out with their friends. Some negatives are that they constantly try to interrupt class and just trying to cause trouble. A positive is that they keep the school day interesting, when two want to be gangsters decide to go after each other. Then the fights usually ends with the school’s police officer breaking up the fight and chasing after one of the calibrates. To conclude Chicago school districts, have real gangster, while district 301 only has the want to be gangsters.
Burlington Central has a lot more groups then just the ones listed above, however, these are the major groups that make up a majority of the students. Every high school is different and so are the groups of students attending.

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