Essay on Kindness Is A Beautiful, Intelligent, And Loving Superhero

Essay on Kindness Is A Beautiful, Intelligent, And Loving Superhero

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Kindness is a beautiful, intelligent, and loving superhero. She is a girl who does random acts of kindness for girl 's all over the world. She does things for other girl 's, before doing anything for herself. She is the person that you can always count on, no matter what you 're going through.
On the side, she loves doing other girl 's makeup and hair to make them feel more confident in themselves. When girls have there makeup done and hair done, all that they can do is smile because there so happy. Every girl knows the struggle of doing their makeup. Kindness is a perfectionist and can do anything that she sets her mind to. Kindness can get that sharp, winged eyeliner just right. She is able to get the contour, bronzer, and highlighter just right to. She is even able to get them eyebrows on fleek. Every girl knows the struggle of doing their hair. Kindness will make sure that you have them bouncy defined curls. She will make sure that you have no frizz and healthy hair. She will also make sure that any hairstyle you want, it will be looking nice, not messy. Just think of her as your own, personal, secret professional makeup artist and hairstylist, who is on the call whenever you need her.
She even is a wedding planner, who loves giving girls the wedding of their dreams. It is a girl’s biggest day of her life, so Kindness wants to make it as special as she can. Of course, it is also known as a girl’s most stressed out day ever. Actually, it can also be a girl’s most stressed out couple of months ever. A girl is the one who has to pick out the tux, the bridesmaid dresses, the flowers, the menu for the food, taste cakes, do the seating arrangement, and etc. The guy who is getting married to their love of there life, isn’t really ...

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...look at the world from up above.
Something very interesting about Kindness is that she takes off of superhero duty for her birthday and all the holidays. This is obviously because she wants to spend time with her family and have a break.
Guys have no idea that Kindness exists. It is a mission for all of the girls over the world, not to tell anyone who Kindness is. Us girls are all sure that the guy’s have a secret superhero too, that they aren’t telling us about. Maybe one day all the superhero’s can be revealed and maybe someday other’s can start becoming the superhero, that they’ve always wanted to be.
Kindness has a statement that she say’s when meeting new girls and it goes like this, “During this whole journey, remember to be yourself, and that I am the person that you can always count on. You’re beautiful on the inside and outside. Welcome, my new friend.”

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