Kindergarten in Turkey

Kindergarten in Turkey

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Living conditions, which are very poor in Turkey, affect the contentment of the people significantly. Hence, many women who have any children have to work to help family budget and for live in more comfort. Today, working outside is a fashion for women it gives women an economic liberty and respect. That is good for them however, from the side of many young children that is bad because they have to go kindergartens when their mothers go to work. Nowadays, the number of children who go to kindergartens is increasing rapidly. Unfortunately, many of them are growing up without their mother’s love. So sending children to kindergartens causes some problems which are so important like missing or hating mother and home, being a stressful person in early ages and so on.
The major cause of hating mother is spending all childhood in nurseries. Today, we can see in news many teenagers are killing their mothers due to lack of mothers’ love. Their mothers are a normal person for them however we cannot deny that mothers are holly existences for us. So if there is not a necessity, women should not work outside or else, they should look after their children after the work.
The other equally significant point is being a stressful person in the future life. Many scientists believe that living in a routine reason for stress. Moreover, in kindergarten children are getting used to a routine life. Therefore these young children meet stress in their early ages and they will more stressful people in their future lives because in nursery there is a hard and well disciplined education.
In contrast to these many people claim that kindergartens make children more social in the society. However these claimants do not know that kindergartens cannot give a real parent’s love so if children do not have real love, they will not love their children so this will continue and love between children and parents will be end.

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To sum up, there has been a growing tendency for many people to send their children to various kindergartens however it has fewer advantages than disadvantages. If you keep away children from yourself or your home, they will look for another loves or places.
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