Killing Lincoln : The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever

Killing Lincoln : The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever

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Killing Lincoln
O’Reilly, Bill, and Martin Dugard. Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed
America Forever. New York: Henry Holt, 2011.
Kil ling Lincoln by Bill O 'Reilly and Martin Dugard is a book that captures the days
leading up to and surrounding President Abraham Lincoln’s death. The purpose of this book is to
give the reader insight about anything relating to President Abraham Lincoln in his final days as
well as his killer, John Wilkes Booth. Bill O’Reilly hosts his own news television show called
“The O’Reilly Factor” which is aired on the Fox News Channel where he talks about political
issues. He has written many other books with Dugard like Killing Kennedy: T he End of Camelot,
Killing Reagan: The Violent Assault That C hanged a Presidency, and Kil ling Jesus: A History.
These are mostly about assassinations or deaths of political, religious, and other figures.
Therefore, O’Reilly and Dugard are qualified to write this book, because they are both historical
The content of this book is in chronological order. Each chapter is prefaced with a date
and location and/or time. The authors use both primary and secondary sources as a part of a
realistic approach to relay the events surrounding President Abraham Lincoln 's death. They drew
from memoirs and documents written during that period as well as books and resources written
about that period. For example, a recreation of Harper’s Weekly from Saturday, April 29, 1865,
was included to strengthen the authenticity of resources used by the authors. There are also
many pictures in this book, most of which are of maps of the battle grounds, towns, and
significant figures, such as General Grant, John Booth, and Abraham Lincoln.
Part one of this book conta...

... middle of paper ...

...ide of some, it may not appeal to the intellect of others. Each
part of the book was introduced with a picture the captured its theme. For example, part one is
titled “Total War” and has a picture with the caption, “Lincoln with Union troops at Antietam”
(7). The pictures seem to be authentic and shows us images of the actual people and places from
that time period. There are also sketches and maps that help with our understanding of the book.
In conclusion, Daphne Davis, a history teacher at Tallassee High School, may use this
book because her students might understand the events surrounding this major historical event
better. Also, the dramatization of this event would keep their interest rather than just reading
about it in a history book. Killing Lincoln gives an entertaining insight into President Abraham
Lincoln 's final days and the killing of the conspirators.

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