Essay on Killing Lincoln By Bill O ' Reilly

Essay on Killing Lincoln By Bill O ' Reilly

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In Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing Lincoln, is a must read historical thriller. Killing
Lincoln is split in four different parts: the total war, ideas of Death, the long food
Friday, and the chase which recreates the dramatic events in Lincolns life, from the
spring of 1865 until months after his death. O’Reilly’s book examines the true and
truly shocking story of his life. In addition, the book not only focuses on the
assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, only days after the end of one of the
bloodiest war in our nations history but about the investigation of what really
happened. Many people have speculated about the events leading up to the terrible
tragedy and the afterward events, but only few know what really happened.
Just six weeks to live, Lincoln stands before fifty-thousand fellow Americans
just before taking oath of office to begin his second term. Standing in the mud and rain
waiting on Lincoln to give his inaugural speech that thousands are ready to hear, just a
few feet away as Lincoln is performing his speech and a young man, born and raised
in Maryland, by the name of John Wilkes Booth. Booth was galvanized by the words
president Lincolns word— though not in the way you would think.
The man with only fourteen days to live the book shows an interpretation of
what his last few days were like. Lincolns final days he strides purposefully back and
forth as he paces the upper deck of the steamboat known as River Queen, unprotected
and unafraid Lincoln as vulnerable as a man can be only concerns of one question, the
conflict that has divided our country for four long years will ever end (21).
Throughout the “Total War” as the final days of the war unfold, Ulysses S. Grant and
Robert E. Lee battle it out as Lincoln cl...

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...motions, the readers are wrapped
up in what is happening. In Williams article he argues how Bill O’Reilly fails to
explain why Lincoln was murdered or consider any involvement by Confederate
Secret Service. Williams stats that O’Reilly seemed to be less interested in the
controversy surrounding Lincoln’s death than in another mission. After reading
“Killing Lincoln” it changes the reader prospective of what really happened on that
horrible day compared to what people have been taught.
In conclusion, Lincolns life story has changed this world forever, After reading
the day-by-day story of what happened to be his last few weeks. His last few days are
one of Americas most historical thriller and a muss read true story. O’Reilly’s book
examines the true and truly shocking story of President Abraham Lincolns life and the
ending of the bloodiest war in our nations history.

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