Essay on The Killing Fields By Richard Nixon

Essay on The Killing Fields By Richard Nixon

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In the film, ‘The Killing Fields” all of the real events that took place, of which the film is based off, all make for an accurate representation. It makes for a haunting and woefully effecting film, which has a lot to say. As proven by the terrifying imagery and the bigger than life characters. I do believe that for the most part ‘The Killing Fields’ is a fairly accurate representation of the actual events. In both the film and in real life, it’s referenced that Richard Nixon did in fact order an incursion into Cambodia, which resulted with the unfortunate spark to the flame, in igniting the beginning war. The film also goes as far to reference the American withdrawal and Neak Luong, which also happened to be bombed by the Americans too. In the film it also accurately depicts the environments surrounding the protagonists of the picture, to match the real thing. There were awful water fills, many bodies bombed areas and destroying the homes, from impact. This unhumanly endeavour of the bombing of Cambodia, was referenced in the actual film. This does prove a great deal of accuracy.

To go into inept detail about the actual events that circulated in real life, it was essentially a four year long carpet-bombing campaign located in the near sky of Cambodia. The set of information is reliable enough, as there’s a number of sources that back this information up. Most of which are primary resources, and you wouldn’t be able to cover something like that up anyway. This campaign is what unfortunately resulted with the horrible, catastrophic destruction. That managed to plague the country, leading to the Pol Pot regime. The film shares these same harrowing, hunting landscapes of the great loss. The film also reference’s the involment of t...

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...arated from all his family. At the very least we can have survivors to tell us about the all of the truth of the war.

In Conclusion, I think the film, “The Killing Fields” is a reliable film, when it is depicting the horrid events that took place during the Killing Fields. Its accurate when presenting the terrifying and woefully sad themes, all of Richard Nixions descion’s, four yearlong bomb campaign and all of the actors they hired. As I already discussed, it’s because of the casting of Haing S. Ngor, it really goes to add a sense of accuracy. Which benefits the overall accuracy of the film. In summary, I do believe the film is accurate to real events. I greatly appreaticate Haing S. Ngor for documenting these events, and feel an incredible amount of sorrow for Pol Pot, Penh and others who had to go through literal hell.

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