Killer Whales Should Not Be Treated Essay

Killer Whales Should Not Be Treated Essay

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As Princess Diana once said while she talked about her mother: “A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.” There is no reason for a child to have to go through life without their parents by their side. Killer whales should not be treated any differently, which is why they should not be held in captivity. SeaWorld currently has many orcas in captivity. They continue to make excuses for why they feel their actions for separating calves from their mothers are justified. So, there is no reason why any more orcas should be living in tanks. Tilikum should be euthanized while the babies he has unwillingly fathered should be freed into the ocean because their captivity causes violent behavior. For example, Tilikum’s most recent killing happened in 2010 where he killed his trainer Dawn Brancheau. According to “Blackfish”, “Tilikum grabbed her left forearm and started to drag her, and eventually did a barrel roll and pulled her in” (Blackfish).
First of all, just picture the difficult position Tilikum was forced into at just two-years-old. As well as, the pain his mom surely fel...

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