Killer Whales Back Into Their Original Habitats Essay

Killer Whales Back Into Their Original Habitats Essay

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Threatened, endangered, or extinct, unfortunately we can all name at least one or more species found in each of these categories and that is the sad truth today. At this point, the goal should be to prevent any other species from falling under these terms and keep the ones that are not yet extinct, stable and safe while maintaining an increasing population. The species I am going to be referring to can be commonly found in the news today with the increasing efforts and the publicly shocking information against SeaWorld for the release of their killer whales back into their original habitats in the wild. Much of this was provoked by the release of the documentary ‘Blackfish’ in 2013, which was about the unknown information on the capture, care, and general standard of living for this beautiful species in captivity. (Synopsis) I briefly go back into the initial captures of killer whales beginning in the 1960’s with the first whale in captivity sparking a widespread hunt for performance animals following some important information on killer whales themselves with the potential reasoning behind the species being in danger followed by the efforts of conservation and release into the wild.

Killer Whales, also known as Orcas deriving from the Latin name Orcinus Orca, are found in all oceans of the world living and thriving in pods along side the many generations of their families rarely leaving their mothers. (Vancouver Aquarium) In the wild, killer whales are known to live long lives of maximally 80 years for females and 60 to 70 years for males. Females produce very little offspring having a long gestation period for 16 to 17 months normally occurring once every 4 to 5 years with one calf at a time, once they have reached maturity,...

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...le travelling from all over to the Northwest coast for this attraction in which they follow the pods for hours at close distances sometimes throwing the pods off their hunting paths. (Barrett-Lennard & Heise)

It is extremely important for us to understand the ways we have in the past, present, and future directly and indirectly affected the killer whales, as well as all species in the world today with our greed for supply and demand. A small change in this fragile world can cause an unwanted and dangerous ripple effect to the habitats and food chains causing harm to those relying on it for survival – even humans! If we are not careful we will be forced to say goodbye to different species that we should share this planet with creating a positive feedback and potentially even more extinction in the near future due to the most dangerous species on the planet – us.

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