Essay on Killer : Killer Typology And Classification

Essay on Killer : Killer Typology And Classification

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Killer Typology and Classification
What type of killer a person is depends on if they meet a specific criteria or not, and the killer classification has many subtypes in addition to that criteria. In the case of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, they are considered to be process-focused serial killers because they were known enjoy drawing out the torment and death of their victims. Of course, process-focused is a rather broad term which is further narrowed down, into the subtypes of hedonistic killers or control-oriented killers. Lake and Ng are hedonistic killers, which kill for the pleasure they feel committing a murder. More specifically, they are thrill-oriented hedonistic murders.While most might assume simply from the name and nature of their crimes that the two would be considered lust-oriented hedonists, this is untrue. Though they display some of the characteristics of the lust-oriented killers, they never have intercourse with their victims once they are dead, and there is no evidence to suggest that they were murdered while they were also being raped. Instead, Ng and Lake took pleasure from the process of the kill, enjoying the begging and pain of their victims(Simons, 2001).
Further, Leonard Lake and Charles Ng can be considered disorganized serial killers, as they fulfill much of the criterion. For example, disorganized generally live near their crime scenes, they are oftentimes abused as children, keep a secret hiding place in their homes, and they almost always leave physical evidence. Lake and Ng lived in their crime scene, were both abused as children, kept a hidden bunker, and left the bodies of all their victims on their property.
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Victims and Victimology
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... against Ng finally proceeded against the best of his efforts on August 21, 1998 when a Judge John Ryan declared that the trial would take place regardless of his complaints that his defense was hindered by faulty equipment and a incorrect prescription for his glasses (Newton, 2006).
By this time Ng had had at least nine different attorneys, all of whom he fired, and had represented himself briefly at least once. Charles Ng 's court proceedings are the longest and most expensive on record in the history of California, costing at least ten million dollars (Yi, 1998). Unfortunately for Ng, the evidence the prosecution presented included videotapes of him torturing, threatening, and raping many of his female victims. He was convicted on May 3, 1999, and was formally condemned to death on June 30th (Newton, 2006). He still remains in prison even now, sixteen years later.

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