Killer Cultures: Discovering the Effects of Culture on One's Personal Happiness

Killer Cultures: Discovering the Effects of Culture on One's Personal Happiness

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Research Paper Final Outline:
Title: Killer Cultures
In Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert travels to three different countries, discovering the effects of culture on one’s personal happiness and well-being.
I. TS#1: During her four months spent in Italy, Gilbert explored the impact of food on one’s health and overall happiness.
A. Detail 1: Healthy food/diet will increase happiness
B. Detail 2: Ingredients in traditional Italian foods are mood boosters
C. Detail 3: Depression rates in Italy vs. America
II. TS#2: After leaving Italy, Elizabeth traveled to India, researching the effects of prayer and religion.
A. Detail 1: Effects of religion on happiness
B. Detail 2: Healing effects of religion
C. Detail 3: Depression rates in India vs. America
III. TS#3: In Indonesia, Gilbert found the balance between indulgences and faith, creating a happy, balanced life.
A. Detail 1: Depression and obesity rates in Indonesia vs. America
B. Detail 2: Obesity rates in Indonesia vs. Italy
C. Detail 3: Depression rates in Indonesia vs. India
IV. TS#4: After discovering that a balance of indulgences and prayer is the formula to a happy life, one can hypothesize that the absence of these two essentials and the presence of current worldly issues, such as high divorce rates, is causing depression and obesity in America.
A. Detail 1: Obesity and depression because of poor diet
B. Detail 2: Lack of religious unity and faith
C. Detail 3: Depression because of high divorce rates

Taylor Brown
Mrs. Erickson
Language Arts 3-4 H
21 April, 2014
Killer Cultures
There are 196 countries in the world today, and each possesses a different culture than its neighbors. The word “culture” can be defined by ma...

... middle of paper ...

...nd religious unity due to the integration of many new people and cultures causes conflict between the different groups, leading to stress and ultimately depression. Last but not least, worldly issues, such as divorce, have recently been a leading cause of depression, as exemplified in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love.

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