The Kill Chain, By Jeremy Scahill Essay

The Kill Chain, By Jeremy Scahill Essay

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Imagine there was a person on the planet that could even a beautiful day terrifying. Imagine being unable to play outside for fear of imminent death, flying through the sky. This may sound like the delusions of a paranoid mind, but thanks to the executive Obama, such a reality is daily life for hundreds of people worldwide. Why fear sunny days?  Well that is because people living is these situations have come to feel more comfortable on cloudy days, when drones are least likely to be hunting for their next target. All of this is because the Obama Administration is carrying out a Global assassination campaign that is breaking international law, is unconstitutional, and leads to blow back.
        The United States is breaking international laws in carrying out their assassinations. According international norms state sovereignty is to be respected. Yet the Obama Administration is carrying out attacks in multiple countries, ignoring their sovereignty. An example of this witnessed in Jeremy Scahill 's article “The Kill Chain”, where he claims that the Bureau of Investigative Journalism found that “there were more than 200 people killed in [American] operations in Yemen.” This is not only ignoring Yemen 's sovereignty, but it goes against the Geneva Convention by harming or killing civilians that are granted protection by the protocols in the convention (Geneva). Another group that the Geneva Convention protects is medical assistants, and according to a New York Times journalist, Warren Weinstein was an aid worker killed by an American attack (Shane).
        Not only does the Obama administration consider itself above international norms, but it also seems to disregard the United States Constitution. According to the constitution, th...

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...hat the current administration is getting away with killing civilians is by labeling any non-targeted person killed in theses strikes EKIA, Enemies Killed In Action (Scahill). This label applies even if there was no evidence of them being an enemy. This seems to be similar to when the Bush administering started calling people of a certain age in the regions targeted as enemy combatants, causing many innocent people to be held in prisons like Guantanamo without being charged of any crime.
        One argument that defends the use of predator drones is that we are able to attack the enemy without putting our soldiers in harm’s way. That may be true but when we look at the outcomes of using drones does that justify the U.S drone strikes? The assassination campaign is going against international law, it breaks our constitutional laws, and in the end is causing blow back.

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