Kids Are Motivated, But Not For The Right Thing Essays

Kids Are Motivated, But Not For The Right Thing Essays

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The truth is, most kids are motivated, but not for the right thing. As a parent, we know it is very difficult to motivate kids to complete homework, go outside, clean, etc. but with a positive attitude towards the kids you can get them to do anything. Sitting down to talk with them one on one is better than letting the situation go completely. Parents always want their kids to do their best and to accomplish a lot in life, but in todays society the only way they get inspired is to play video games, or watch T.V. Kids are setting less goals for themselves to accomplish. It’s absolutely hard for parents to challenge their kids to get them to drive to the top, but it can be done with appropriate motivation and attitude towards the situation.
One example to help kids execute to their best of abilities is the value of secondary reinforcers. It may acquire their value through a long chain of associations. For example, good grades in high school can lead to a good college, which leads to a good paying job. Has previously stated, very important for parents to drive their kids to do the best they can in school. Also, when parents are positive, it will help the frequency of their behavior towards positive feedback. Being negative only increases the frequency of negative behavior. Such an effect towards a problem will only make it worse and give the kid a reason to complain more about the problem. These two different kinds of reinforcements may be used to help your kid to make more positive choices.
Another example is, Parents can really help their child get homework done by positive motivation. A motive is a stimulus that moves a person to accomplish a goal. Psychologists assume that people are motivated when they observe other people in ...

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...n well-being as food. Some people disagree with Maslow because they don’t thing achievement or motivation is very important, and it isn’t something you need in your everyday life. But most psychologists do not believe that human behavior is primarily motivated by instinct. But if we aren’t motivated to do something or to be something we want to be, all were going to do with our lives is sitting on our lazy butts watching T.V. for the rest of our lives.
Without motivation we wouldn’t be where we are today, we get motivation from our parents, friends, and family. They all want their children to achieve in life and to set challenging goals for themselves to accomplish. They don’t expect anything less from us besides us doing the best of our abilities. With the right attitude towards a child, it can go a long way to help them being motivated about different situations.

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