Essay on Kfc 's Market And Western European And American Markets

Essay on Kfc 's Market And Western European And American Markets

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4.Culture difference
Until June 2010, KFC has over 3,000 outlets in China, whereas McDonald’s operates 1,100, or only one third as many ( 2011), one of the key reasons behind such difference is the local food cultural differences which is different from the US style fast food and KFC has been adapting their products to the local needs. Kentucky Fried Chicken entered the Chinese from the beginning with the focus on the special nature of the Chinese market; they are caring about the Chinese culture and consumer habits through in-depth research and investigation, recognizing China’s market and Western European and American markets with unique features. KFC continue to meet consumer demand in the Chinese people and added a lot of product lines in consistence with the consumer habits of Chinese people, such as fritters, the old Beijing chicken roll ( 2011). Also, after entering the Hong Kong market in 1970s, KFC found out that the Chinese people prefer to sit down and eat with Western utensils or at least chopsticks. Therefore, when KFC entered into the China ma...

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