Kfc And Burberry Brand Revitalization Essay

Kfc And Burberry Brand Revitalization Essay

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KFC and Burberry brand revitalization.
It is often said that the business will have to develop its marketing strategy whether small, medium or large business because of the growing marketing and competitive business increased rapidly. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the business has failed and successful. The successful business around the worlds which are KFC and Burberry. Those are interesting marketing strategy because of the challenged of the marketing with a long time, experiencing the issue failed and band revitalization of marketing strategy. The main objective of this report studies brand revitalization between KFC and Burberry. How KFC and Burberry were able to revitalization its brand. In this report to divide into three main sections, KFC, Burberry and comparison between KFC and Burberry.

KFC is chicken restaurant chain which is fast food that is the most popular and has many chains around the world. Now KFC is business successful but it was failed that is interesting how KFC was able to revitalization its brand. The cause of the KFC failed was a result of the brand not staying focused on the customer. From goes forward in the wrong direction. By 2005, KFC fall into a difficult situation, sales slump, the reduce consumers this result from poor performance both thechallenges 's category and challenges brand itself. The category challenges, health agenda had trendy in that time people focus on healthy food so KFC is fast food it not popular in consumer. The challenges brand itself that is problem between brand projected itself and customers experiences. It focuses on teens and young adults more than family in spite of family has revenue more than it. These problem makes KFC find a solution by learning from in-depth ...

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...reatest success was among the new essential target audience. That marketing increases rapidly show great marketing strategy in the brand revitalization. The brand values that helped make this happen included an emphasis on the chicken taste and that is family become first targets and youths second target. The marketing strategy use communications promote their product such as Advertising, In-store communications, In-store experience and other channels. Burberry becomes successful again after failed because of the brand revitalization was an aggressive communication strategy to change the brand image and use mass-media to advertising their product. That make customer easy to approach their product through social media. However, KFC and Burberry are both examples of successful brand revitalization and this show their marketing challenge that returns to success nowadays.

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