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It is important to ensure that the Learning Objectives have been achieved and that learning by the students have mastered the course. To decipher the level of learning, assessments are developed to make such determinations. This paper will provide examples of assessments of the learning objectives created in the previous Module. It will also discuss the use of Outcome-Based Assessments (OBA), and provide an outcome based assessment for an adult keyboard course. It will define and discuss the purpose of an Outcome-Based Assessment, the challenges such an assessment, and describe solutions that can be utilized when implementing this assessment into a program.
Assessment of Learning Objective
Keyboarding Assessment
3 pts awarded for a total of 21 points
Terminology: Student was able to identify: All or most of the terms Some Little None
3 2 1 0

Operation: Student was able to turn on and operate Operate completely Some Little None
classroom equipment 3 2 1 0

Open and navigate course software Operate completely Some Little None
3 2 1 0

Able to create a document using Language art skills Lang. skills mastered Some Little None
3 2 1 0

Completed personal project: used course software, used Completed assignment Some Little None
proper language skills and proper documentation 3 2 1 0

Typing speed: Student is able to type: > 40 wpm > 30 wpm > 20 wpm < 20 wpm
3 2 1 0
Total points: (Students points) /21

21-18 points: Student has mastered course objectives
17-13 points: Student has gain an understanding of
course objectives
12- 0 points: Students have NOT gain an understanding
of course objectives; requires ...

... middle of paper ...

...ct%3Dj% 26q%3Dproblems%2520with%2520outcome%2520based%2520assessments%26source %3Dweb%26cd%3D17%26ved%3D0CFo
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