Essay on Key Warehouse, Supply, And Logistics Huddle

Essay on Key Warehouse, Supply, And Logistics Huddle

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- The meeting was called to order at 13:06 by Michal.


- Members glance through the previous warehouse, supply and logistics huddle for any missing information. No missing information was found.

- Action item 1: Josh tasked to speak to Navy Reservist on base to assist in support of the disposal of approximately 25 crates of documents in Bldg.3275.
- Josh/Tucker – said they segregated and prepared 13 crates slated for disposal
- Action item 2: Michal planned to speak to GXM POC regarding Rubber Seal replacement in the Nitrogen Cabinet.
- Action item 3: Facility follow-up update – assigned to Michal.
- Robert – Received approval to set-up the 3 cubical in the warehouse, including 3 NMCI computer drop, and 2 RDTE computer drop
- Action item 4: Open discussion – Team wanted to know if a deadline has been set for demil, wall-to-wall inventory, and frustrated materials – assigned Denise
- Denise said Wall-to-wall inventory is Division led and once she hear something she will keep the team posted
- Denise the demil Led, to continue to support biweekly demil progress status report, whether or not disposal materials has been sent to Bedford.
- Demil has no specific time deadline
- Action item 5: Possible contract updates slated on August 1, 2015 – assigned Michal | Denise
- 13 crates has been segregated and prepared for disposed
- Action item 6: Josh is responsible for outlining the existing warehouse operations outlook.
 Sub Task I - involve looking at your current facilities processes.
 Sub Task II - Creating an accurate sketch of your warehouse building and floor plan (Ask Doug for warehouse plan).
 Sub Task III - ...

... middle of paper ...

Generally, 8 steps are required to make this happen.
- Measure the space you have to work with
- Define the fixed obstacles (columns, walls, doors, clearances, etc.)
- Understand the product stored and handled
- Establish the material flow paths
- Determine auxiliary facility requirements (offices, dock staging, hold and inspection, etc.)
- Generate alternatives
- Evaluate alternatives
- Recommend and implement improvements
- Michal suggested that a folder being created on the share drive for warehouse storage availability.
- Walk-through on temporary hold.

OPPORTUNITY — all members were given an equal opportunity to ensure equal participation.

RECAPPED: Simon—recapped some of the vital points discussed in the meeting and asked members if something was missing.

ADJOURNMENT — Meeting was adjourned at 14:00 pm, until July 11, 2016 @ 13:00 pm

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