The Key to Stopping Drugs Is Making the Drug Cartels Essay

The Key to Stopping Drugs Is Making the Drug Cartels Essay

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Just imagine a world without the distribution of illegal drugs. Now it could either be a disturbing place or a peaceful place. For it to be a peaceful place it would require quite a bit of money to control the certain types of drugs that are being distributed. Thus, for that to happen it would require some money. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, The U.S. federal government had spent at least $15 billion dollars in 2010. However, the government increases the amount of spending on drug control to help reduce the distribution of drugs annually. The best way is to keep it out of sight before any one acknowledge it. We may not be able to clear entirely all the drugs being sold, but we can most likely seize majority of the drug cartels or any illegal drugs.
According to the Department of Defense Dictionary and Associated Terms, some events are focused on smuggling in illicit drugs. Whether it would be cocaine or heroine, many smuggled drugs into the U.S. they were run by drug cartels either from Mexico, Colombia, or various areas. As stated that, “The Mexican government have been fighting a war with drug traffickers since December 2006.” Mexico drug cartels bring in enormous amount of drugs to the U.S. annually. Despite the gruesome bloody way of initiating the problem. Increasing the supervision of borders will slow down the smugglers, therefore decrease of drugs being distributed into the U.S. streets.
Consistent to the U.S. government having Mexico’s border supervised 24/7, Mexico government is fed up with the drug cartels. Marc Lacey’s published article in the New York Times states, “... Mexico’s ambitious and bloody assault on the drug cartels that have ravaged the country. The nation has b...

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...ed it is being put in good use.
This concludes, the government spending have become outrageous in the past year. The amount of money we spend is helping toward many causes. Stopping the drug cartels, and helping those who are addicted with treatments. We are not fighting a “unwinnable” war, we are fighting a “winnable” war. The war will succeed, but we cannot succeed without the help of others willing to win it. It focus is on the youth and the future for our country. Instead of trying to cut off drugs at one point, we must better inform our kids and their kids to stop it from happening ever again in the future. That is where it needs to start, but for now we will seize all drugs trafficking any way possible even if it takes some money. The government is spending will not be wasted, but the budgeting will be useful. Eventually, it will all pay off.

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