Essay on The Key to Developing a Student Writer

Essay on The Key to Developing a Student Writer

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In a student’s educational career, they will experience various approaches and forms of appraisal, especially those of writing assignments (Source # 6). Assessment tends to be most helpful when it can demonstrate the difference between what the student produced and what was desired (Source # 2). Therefore, it is vital for assessors to understand that simply underlining aspects of a student’s writing assignment is inadequate feedback that is unable to develop a student’s writing abilities (Source # 10). Valuable assessments are also largely influenced by how a student perceives the assignment, their own abilities to produce the work and their personal goals for learning (Source #2).
Often students are provided with a rubric that may include the assignments categories, standards for assessment and or the expectations for presenting and evaluating the learning (Source #9). While rubrics structurally precursor a writing assignments expectations and a final assessment basis, it is not as influential as the assessment style of detailed written feedback, for the future deve...

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