The Key Stakeholders For This System Change, And A Group Of Patients And Their Family

The Key Stakeholders For This System Change, And A Group Of Patients And Their Family

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The key stakeholders for this system change, and to help implement the strategy on providing new patient navigators would be the financial director, chief nursing officer, floor nurses, the hospitalists, and a group of patients and their family. Identifying the key stakeholders is important because with providing new services to a health care facility this group of people will be responsible for accepting the strategy to put in place which includes adding a new job title, approving the salary and the number of people to be hired, on down to how each navigator will be trained and oriented. Although the patients and their may not have much choice in the beginnings of the process of the system change, they can have a say and impact on helping in figuring out the role, and where there are gaps in the care during stays at the hospital, as well as helping in the interview process.
The first key stakeholder is the financial director. The financial director will ultimately decide if the facility can go forward with the strategic plan to hire patient navigators and how many they can actually hire at once as the financial director has say on what the facility can actually afford the expense and if it will payout to increase their net assets including revenue. Since this strategic plan will affect the yearly capital budget on the operational budget, along with each individual budget it will be important that the financial director look at the budget report for not only the hospital itself, but takes in consideration the availability in the budget for each unit to make sure that the process will not require the need to cut another person to make the decision to add. The financial director would possibly do a simulated federal and state cost...

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...on rates have shown to improve when the facility is practicing patient- and family- centered care, which ultimately can increase the reimbursement rates from Medicare and Medicaid. The increase reimbursement rates are extremely important for non-profit health care system such as OhioHealth Mansfield whose revenue comes from over sixty percent in Medicare and Medicaid funding. The PFCC self-assessment tool was analyzed based on OhioHealth Mansfield with strengths and weaknesses, which one big weakness consisted in the personnel domain which consists of support for staff, and the utilization of patients and family involvement in decision making and new employees. The system change of adding the new role of the patient navigator allows collaboration with a diverse team including patient and family members, along with ultimately increasing patient satisfaction rates.

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