Key Skills That Companies Look For Managers And Explain Which Might Be Most Needed For The Camp Bow Wow

Key Skills That Companies Look For Managers And Explain Which Might Be Most Needed For The Camp Bow Wow

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1. Identify three skills that companies look for in managers and explain which might be most needed for the Camp Bow Wow leaders highlighted in the video.
According to Williams, 2014, “when companies look for employees who would be good managers, they look for individuals who have technical skills, human skills, conceptual skills and the motivation to manage,” (Williams, p. 14).
In viewing the “Camp Bow Wow video,” the three broad management skills used by Camp Bow Wow managers are conceptual skills, human skills, and technical skills. The managers at Camp Bow Wow utilize all three management skills. They both use conceptual skills in figuring out tough situations that are not manageable and turn it into manageable situations. Also, making sure that the new hires are trained correctly with promoting and mentoring new staff. Both of managers also use human skills. The managers make sure they motivate their employees by communication with each other.
2. Which activities at Camp Bow Wow require high efficiency? Which activities require high effectiveness?
Efficiency refers to the amount of resources used to achieve the organization’s goals. Effectiveness is a broader term, meaning the degree to which an organization achieves its goals. A high performance organization is one that achieves goals to the maximum extent possible (effectiveness) while making the best use of limited resources (efficiency). According to the owner dog care tasks at Camp Bow Wow require high efficiency so that everything gets done on time. The activities at Camp Bow Wow that require high efficiency and high effectiveness are: staying on schedule with meal times, meds, baths, nail trims when the dogs are uncooperative, attentiveness, being able to stay calm, an...

... middle of paper ... Restaurant Group take to ensure cooperation and acceptance of authority from their employees? The steps the leaders of the Barcelona Restaurant Group took to ensure cooperation and acceptance of authority from their employees is that they begin by recruiting confident individuals who brought into what the restaurant values and who could take complete ownership over the restaurant and its success.
3. Would the management style of Barcelona Restaurant Group best be described as scientific management or contingency management? The management style that would best describe Barcelona Restaurant Group is contingency management approach, which clearly states that there are no universal management theories and that the most effective management theory or idea depends on the kinds of problems or situations that managers or organizations are facing at a particular time.

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