Essay on Key Principles And Concepts Of Strategic Thinking

Essay on Key Principles And Concepts Of Strategic Thinking

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Strategy is the most important factor in leading a business. Business Strategy is defined as “the intelligent allocation of limited resources through a unique system of activities to outperform the competition in serving customers” (Horwarth 28). In Rich Horwath’s book “ Deep Dive” he provides us with key principles and concepts of strategic thinking. The three disciplines of strategic thinking consist of 1) Acumen: which is generating general insights through a step-by-step evaluation of your business and environment 2) Allocation: focusing your limited resources through strategic trade-offs and 3) Action: implementing a system to guarantee effective execution of strategy at all levels of your organization.
In order to formulate a strategy in a company, employees must think and plan strategically. Strategic thinking is “the generation and application of business insights on a continual basis to achieve competitive advantage ” (Howarth 5); Strategic-planning Howarth defines as “the channeling of insights into an action plan to achieve goals and objectives”(Howarth 9). Now that we are familiar with these concepts we must find employees to implement these methods and help carry out the strategy of the business. Howarth calls these key players strategic thinkers. He discusses four types of strategic thinkers: Beach bums, Snorkelers, Scuba divers, and Free divers. Beach bums are managers who don’t contribute insights of the business. Snorkelers are managers who offer tactical solutions to issues, but their solutions don’t have a significant positive impact on the business. Scuba divers are managers who can produce strategic insights for solutions but they require instruction and assistance to do so. Lastly, we have Free Divers who ...

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...zed card with the information as well. I will constantly question employees to make sure they are familiar with the company’s strategy. The goal is to make everyone acquainted with the company’s strategy and how we plan on going from our current state to a future desired state.
In summary the end goal is to lead a successful business and by obtaining insights, encouraging feedback, thinking and planning strategically a strategy can be formulated and executed. It is up to the superiors to ensure the strategy is communicated often. We need to make sure our employees know what we are trying to achieve and how we will get there. We also need to take the strategic thinkers out of their zone and help them gradually become free divers. By formulating a strategy and bringing our ideas from mind to paper we can ensure that our organization reaches their maximum potential.

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