Essay about Key Parts Of Crisis Management

Essay about Key Parts Of Crisis Management

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No country can avoid entering into a crisis situation. Even if a country attempts to maintain good relationships with other countries, anything could happen that would change this. However, it is through crisis management that a country can bring an end to a confrontation. Crisis management is composed of seven principles that dictate what a country’s diplomats and military should do in order to resolve a dilemma. Four key parts of crisis management are: coordinating diplomatic and military moves, confining military moves to limited objectives, avoiding military moves that may lead to warfare, and leaving the opposition with their fundamental interests. Throughout history, there have been examples of crisis management being carried out successfully and unsuccessfully. World War I was composed a several severe failed attempts at crisis management; whereas the Cuban Missile Crisis was serves as an ideal example of the effectiveness of crisis management. In order to exist peacefully in the international system, and the avoid large-scale wars such as World War I, it is critical that a country has excels in crisis management.
One of the first steps in crisis management is to coordinate diplomatic and military moves (Miglietta). According to Arjan Boin, author of “Crisis Management”, in order for a crisis response to be effective, “interagency and intergovernmental coordination” is required. A president and his or her cabinet alone cannot handle a crisis. Crises are solved through a collective effort by the president, cabinet, diplomats, and military leaders. It is critical that all of these positions work together. If not, one governmental organization can make a decision that another did not agree with. This would result in a divide ...

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...amental interest of all three countries involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis, thus carrying out the final component of crisis management.
Over the last one hundred years, various countries have been successful and unsuccessful in crisis management. Coordination of diplomatic and military moves, confined military movements, prevention of warfare, and pursuing fundamental interest are all significant parts of crisis management. However, whether or not a country succeeds in ending a crisis depends on how well it follows these management guidelines. World War I was the result of several countries failing to make decisions based on the proponents of crisis management. On the other hand, President John F Kennedy and the United States of America were able to avoid World War III, by using the management rules to their diplomatic and military actions with the Soviet Union.

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