Key Of Long Lasting Marriages Essay

Key Of Long Lasting Marriages Essay

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Key to Long Lasting Marriages
Honesty, love, trust, communication, and respect were the top five reasons my parents had mentioned that is key essential for a long lasting marriage. Without these top five reasons the marriage is most likely to be doomed.
Honesty, is not necessarily just for a marriage, but for any relationship. Being honest helps any relationship, especially a marriage last longer. There is no reason for the couple to hide any kind of information from each other. Understanding the difference of things that your significant other may not directly tell you or have been completely honest with you and determining if the lie is that big of a deal or not. No lie is good, but white lies are definitely better and more recognizable than if someone has lied to about having children or not, or about their job. These types of lies are ones you want to worry about than just the little minor lies.
Loving each other and continuing to remain in love with each other after being married and having children is very important for can the couple’s marriage. Learning to accept their faults is a quality that is definitely an essential for marriage.
Trust is built over a course of time from being open and believing in each other. Having each other’s back and supporting the decision they make no matter what the situation is. This is important because you have chosen to marry this person and you should be able to trust them without any question or doubt.
Not having good communication with your significant other and lead to misunderstandings and fights. Communicating what each other’s feelings and needs to each other is a must. Speaking directly, openly, and regularly to each other and not just to other people is also very important. Letti...

... middle of paper ...

...ter work and just talking with each other about how their days went. Small things like that help improve and maintain their marriage to be as strong and as successful as it currently is.
In conclusion, after speaking with my parents I definitely had learned more about my parents and just had a nice time sitting down with them and spending good quality family time with each other. Learning what some of my parents’ qualities that make for a long lasting relationship and very successful marriage, and why their marriage is still going pretty good. Being around some of the best parents and having them both living in the same household with a fairly good family just makes me hope that I can have a family and marriage almost as good as my parents’ relationship. This just makes me have that much higher expectations in a male figure because my dad is the best person around.

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