Key Goals When Teaching Students Essay

Key Goals When Teaching Students Essay

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Taking a close look at a text takes much more than looking at words or fining word and phrases to answer questions. Close reading is define as the mindful, disciplined reading of an object with a view to deeper understanding of its meaning (Cummins, 2013). According to Fisher & Frey (2012), the practice of close reading is not a new one, and in fact has existed for many decades as the practice of reading a text for a level of detail not used in everyday reading. Therefore, teachers need to foster this skill on students in early stages of literacy skill to become proficient in comprehension. In order for students to examine complex text, teachers need to model and guide them through various strategies that would support their understanding of a text when reading independent. The main goal when teaching student how to comprehend a complex text is to be able to discuss with others their understanding and learning, apply the understanding in written work and eventually be motivated to read informational text for enjoyment (CCSS, n.d.). Fisher & Frey (2012) stated that you cannot learn much from books you cannot read. At the end of each lesson, the key idea as an educator is that we provide students the necessary tools for them to become successful independent readers.
When selecting a text for close reading it is important to know and select the appropriate text complexity for it. Hiebert (2013) mentioned why it is hard for the students to read some books than order. As an educator, I have asked the same question repeatedly. I might think it is not the student level due to the vocabulary used is too complex to understand or that I have not taken the time to guide the students into strategies to select texts that might be challen...

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...x and the joy of reading decrease. When I started teaching intermediate grade level, I assigned novels to read which were already selected by the school. Thinking on the majority of the student’s reaction, they were not ready to comprehend a text that deep. Then, knowing what Hiebert (2013), Fisher & Frey (2012) and Burke (n.d.) states, not because a text information is for the specific grade level means that the result are going to be the same. If I had known this information in my early years of teaching and could go back to those students, I would have work the text differently. I could have use the book in a close reading lesson, which would have gain more understanding this way than a testing them on a multiple choice assessment. As what I take from it, is to provide rich text and differentiate the scaffolding to their needs, which eventually become successful.

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