Essay on Key Goals Of The Transport Development Department

Essay on Key Goals Of The Transport Development Department

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According to our strategic guidelines, one of the main goals of the Transport Development Department is to provide technical knowledge and managerial expertise to Support Latin American and Caribbean countries in the process of creating effective transport policies and improving the implementation of transport projects. Additionally, 60 % of consultancies hired by the Department are directed to help our specialists create knowledge necessary for project execution and the publication of knowledge products. In contrast, only 38 % of our staff affirms to know where to find the information produced by their peers . Sharing know-how within and across organizations, through communities, is key to the work of development organizations (Bellanet International Secretariat, 2000) like the LAC Fund for Development.
This Literature review aims to gather expert’s opinions on the application of knowledge management, having a special focus on development organizations. We will first establish a clear definition Knowledge Management and why is it necessary in organizations. With the purpose of giving a more practical example, we will then present the experience of the World Bank as one of peer organizations. Finally, we will present the basic elements of the knowledge management cycle, recommended tools and a brief approach on how to value knowledge management
What is Knowledge Management
According to the Knowledge Management for Health and Development Toolkit, “Knowledge management (KM) is an umbrella term encompassing the many unique but related facets of creating, organizing, sharing, and using information and experiences” (Johns Hopkins University, 2015). On the other hand, (Dalkir, 2011) suggests that it is not sufficient to share informa...

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...nected and have immediate responses to our client needs. In a knowledge driven era, it is virtually impossible to do so without the efficient use of information. The literature suggests that the best way for organizations to implement a KM system and respond to everyday problems is through collaboration. The best approach to is to combine the use of technology and specialized groups. Following on this, we currently have some of the tools recommend by experts, for example, we can take advantage of the Technical Areas as specialized groups and analyze the possibility of creating other transversal areas to respond to the most common requirements. As far for the KM Cycle, since we already have a significant amount of explicit information, we have focused our efforts in codifying, integrating and disseminating the existent knowledge, rather than creating new knowledge.

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