Key Elements Of Leadership Strategy Essay

Key Elements Of Leadership Strategy Essay

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According Hughes, Beatty, and Dinwoodie’s ( 2014) work on strategy, all areas of an organization need to collaborate with each other to help bring strategy to fruition. They mentioned four elements of leadership strategy. (1) Leadership Drivers of Business Strategy. This is the identification of and the preparing of leaders to implement strategy. Certain skills, abilities and resources need to be in place prior to a strategies’ roll out. When the correct leaders have the proper skill sets are in place coupled with the backing of the organization this may create a dynamic situation. Hughes et al. (2014) describes these as “levers- that if pulled will catapult the organization toward success” (p. 236). (2)Leadership Culture, as mentioned by Hughes et al. (2014) is “the way in which leaders interact, make decisions, and influence others in the organization” (p 237). The culture needs to foster cooperation from all areas of an organization, while providing the ability for adaptation and growth. Not all organizations culture will be the same, there is not a correct one that can blanket all organizations to cozy success. (3) Talent Systems. Human capital drives all organizations, the right people need to be in the right jobs with the correct opportunities for growth and advancement. There must be a constant search for strategic thinkers and leaders able to step up with called upon. The authors mention “Talent Sustainability” (p. 248), there must be enough qualified employees ready to move up so the organization will not stall while searching for others to replace others due to attrition, or other opportunists. (4) Organizational Design, must take a number of variables into account while providing structure to an organization...

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...llow the rules, of the Lord (and also organizations). Proverbs 24:30 (NIV Student Bible) instills that we must all keeping working, be diligent in our quest for our own successes. In the grand scheme of things, we all work for the Lord serving Him in some way or another during our daily lives at home and in the office. We must learn from the mistakes he wants us to make, work hard for our goals, and treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

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