The Key Elements Of Leadership

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This paper will discuss three important elements of leadership discussed in Chapters Three and Four of the book “Resilient Leaders” (Dees, 2013). First, integrity is important because it is essential to gaining and maintaining the respect of partners, peers, and employees; thereby impacting the ultimate success of the business. Second, courage that is steered according to integrity is an important skill that enables business leaders to humbly face different types of fear and make difficult business decisions. Finally, worldly wisdom is practical and helpful, but wisdom that comes from God positions leaders to accomplish what appears impossible. Key Words: integrity, wisdom, courage, competence, leadership Courageous Business Leadership The three concepts in this paper are important because they are elements of character, and strong character differentiates good business leaders and extraordinary business leaders. In the business environment integrity sets moral boundaries for leaders to choose to do the right thing and make good decisions. Second, courage is the fuel that drives leaders to face and act on challenges, make the hard right decisions, and take calculated risks that have the potential to grow businesses. Finally, wisdom from God that is coupled with competence and courage results a leader who seeks solutions that benefit employees, the organizational strategy, and God’s Kingdom. Three Concepts Integrity Extraordinary leaders do what is necessary to develop integrity that is demonstrated and impacts every aspect of their lives, not simply in their vocation. As highlighted in the book, “Organizational Management and Leadership, A Christian Perspective”, integrity is essential because it is commonly assessed by... ... middle of paper ... ...m when he described it as “the bridge between character and competence” (Dees, Character and Wisdom). It is the essential element, or glue, that guides leaders’ decisions and daily actions, and Christians who are determined to be fruitful for God’s Kingdom should prioritize wisdom in their daily prayer life. Conclusion Today’s business environment is competitive and challenged by constant change; therefore the leaders that thrive will strive to learn and grow in integrity, courage, and wisdom. These are not characteristics that appear after attending a course or reading a book. They are developed, and everyone has the potential to develop them. Business leaders with their compass set on integrity, courage, and wisdom will set appropriate moral boundaries, face fear to do what seems impossible, and demonstrate wisdom from God to fruitful in every aspect of life.
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