The Key Consideration for Every People’s Health Essay examples

The Key Consideration for Every People’s Health Essay examples

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Health of an individual depends upon their job and choices of people which includes balanced and nutritious diet, physical well being associated with fitness activities, consumption of junk food, over load of work and stress. This essay will discuss about social determinants of health. It will then provide a detailed account of how health of both male and female are affected due to over load of work. This essay will argue that people’s bad health depends upon their working time and consumption of food. Firstly, I will explain that work is one of the social determinants of health and mainly focus to men and women. The health of people is affected by the kind of working they do in different areas. Secondly, due to consumption of fast food and improper balanced diet their health is being affected during their work.

The key consideration for every people’s health demonstrates to life style of human. Health of an individual can be determined by different factors. It can be either social or economic. Regardless, due to growing population, there is also increase in number of people’s outcome with several complications of health problems during the working state. According to Gulmont(2006) most studies examining the association between work place psychological factor and blood pressure have been based on job strain model. A serious concern nowadays has been found that health problem is due to overload of work. Chapman et al and Fauves et al cites that there is more chances to get hypertension among men who have been working for 25 years or more and been contact to work strain. Furthermore, it depends upon people who work more than 40 hours a week. Many people are busy and do not have sufficient time to spend with family and to look afte...

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...ds upon their working time and consumption of food. Due to overload of working, it slowly cause stress and lead to sleeping disturbance. There is increase of consumption of sleeping tablet to get relaxed. Moreover, it also causes eye problem, musculoskeletal problem due to sitting in front of the computer for a long time. It disturbs mentally and creates health problem like dizziness, headache, depression and so on. Because of this reason, peoples’ health becomes poor during long term working time. Secondly, another reason is due to consumption of food. People are busy and do not have enough time to prepare food and exercise. Most of them prefer junk food which leads to obesity. Over weight and obese people suffer from this health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer. These all reasons lead to people’s bad health.

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