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Key Concepts Of The Draft Essay

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In a final draft, there are key concepts needed in the draft before it is finalized and turned in. First off, a final draft is someone’s final essay that is polished and ready to be disseminated to other people. The final draft has been proof read for any grammar mistakes, and fixed to correct sentence structures and sentence fragments. The final draft should have incorporated the comments made by the writer’s peers by recognizing the problem and improving the draft. These comments could vary from a spelling error to completely rewriting an entire paragraph. Furthermore, the final draft should have well organized paragraphs that organized the writer’s thoughts. This could be done by transition words to help the flow from one thought to another thought, the diction the writer uses to express their thoughts. The final draft should include the writer’s tone, so the audience can understand the writer’s feelings over a specific topic they are writing about. Leading to the final draft targeting a specific audience. Who do they want to influence? What age group are they reaching out to? Therefore the key concepts of a final draft are the grammar, tone and diction, the organization of the essay, and making sure that the writing is targeting the correct audience.
The writer’s essay will always have an audience, whether it be just the instructor or a whole group of people with the same opinion on a topic. Knowing the audience is very important because it helps the reader make decisions , how the writer should arrange information, what information to include in the writing, and what kind of supporting details are needed to help the reader better understand the author’s writing. In any writing, the author should take the audience’s n...

... middle of paper ... change the tone of an essay or work of writing. In a simplistic way of explaining, the sentence structure can influence the age of the writing’s audience. For example, simple and short sentences would suit younger children more than long and complex sentences. For younger children, clarity is the most important, so the writers for children work to make their sentences direct and simple. Adults, on the other hand, expect a variety of sentence structures and complex sentences. Sentence structure can affect the tone of an essay by matching the age of the audience. Children’s books or essays tend to be lighter and funny while adult writings are usually more serious or complex. Of course, there are funny adult essays, but even in those cases; the sentences will be more complex.
Syntax is also an important component of how the tone is perceived by the audience.

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