Key Concept Explanation Of Customer Relationship Management System Essay

Key Concept Explanation Of Customer Relationship Management System Essay

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Key Concept Explanation
Customer relationship management system is a form of information technology in which information is gathered on customer knowledge (Pai & Tu, 2011). This concept is an asset to organization in the service industry as they can get an insight into what customers are thinking and what they want and need in the services and products they are receiving. I have a certain interest in the way customer feedback can affect an organization and what an organization can do with that information. Customer relationship management system is the exact acquisition and usage of that customer feedback. I chose this topic to learn more about a concept I am passionate about.
Meredith and Shafer (2016) provide a brief description of customer relationship management systems as a system “designed to collect and interpret customer-based data” (p. 157). The text does not give the system justice as it is much more than the collected and interpretation of customer data. The concept can be broken down into various constructs including socialization, externalization, combination, and internalization (Khodakarami & Chan, 2014). The implementation of the concept can be broken down into constructs as well, including personal innovativeness, perceived risk, and perceived reachability (Karjaluoto, Tollinen, Pirttiniemi, & Jayawardhena, 2014). There is a large amount of information and theories behind this concept that the text just does not encompass.
There is also an increase in the implementation of CRM in the global marketplace. Pai and Tu (2011) describe the issue of customer feedback and the usage with the information becoming one of the most important issues in the global marketplace. Service industries all over the world...

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...n every situation. If someone is thirsty for the knowledge the Bible has to offer, we must be ready and vigilant to give them the correct information they deserve.
As previously stated, the customer relationship management system has been implemented in the hotel industry in Taiwan. “Customer information is collected through a whole range of touch points, such as contact centers, the contact management system, mail, fax, the sales force, the Web, etc.” (Ku, 2014). Ku (2014) describes that this gathering of information has had a positive effect on the operational capabilities of hotel all over Taiwan, which increase the strategic skills and the achievement of organizational goals. By cross referencing customer feedback with the information gained by the customers stay in their hotel, the organization can increase effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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