Key Components Of Staying For Shape And Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Key Components Of Staying For Shape And Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Key Components of Staying in Shape and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
Section One: Introduction
What are the key components of staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? To answer this essential question, I interviewed Nathan Cox, my On-Site Advisor, and Kyle Gilbert. Both Cox and Gilbert are personal trainers at LA Fitness. Cox is certified in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition from the International Sports Science Program. Gilbert has a Bachelor 's degree in Science and Exercise Science, and a Masters in Arts and Athletic Coaching Education. I interviewed both Cox and Gilbert separately, in person, at LA Fitness.

Section Two: List of Questions
Define what a healthy lifestyle looks like. (Knowledge)
What are the major ways to stay in shape? (Knowledge)
Express your efforts to staying in shape. (Comprehension)
Identify the changes one could make right now to lead a healthier lifestyle. (Comprehension)
Illustrate how you keep yourself motivated to stay healthy and active. (Application)
How has your education helped you in this field? (Application)
Criticize popular beliefs of weight-loss and diet. (Analysis)
Analyze why people are so reluctant to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. (Analysis)
How would somebody coordinate diet and exercise in order to be healthy? In other words, why can’t you only exercise and not diet, or vice versa? (Synthesis)
How would you organize a plan for somebody who is unhealthy and wants to begin exercising and being healthy? (Synthesis)
Argue why people should be healthy in the first place. (Evaluation)
Predict what a healthy lifestyle will look like in the future for America. (Evaluation)
Section Three: Synthesis
A “healthy lifestyle” is a general term that can vary from person ...

... middle of paper ...

...e some of the answers I got were applied to the person I asked, a personal trainer whose job is to be athletic, so the answers were not as easily applied to myself. For example, I wanted to learn about ways I can keep myself motivated to go to the gym and the answers I got were: “Being a role model to my clients” and “I’m forced to be here because of my job” (Gilbert, Cox).

Section Five: Projection
This interview is leading me to further researching diet and nutrition. Listening to Cox and Gilbert’s answers led me to realize that I have a poor diet and it negates the effects of my workouts. Some of my questions touched on the aspect of diet and it raises questions like, “Where do I begin the process of healthy eating?” I would like to ask this question because, like exercise, the topic is so broad is can be intimidating and it is difficult to find somewhere to start.

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