The Key Characteristics Of Public Speaking Essay

The Key Characteristics Of Public Speaking Essay

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Public speaking will always be one of my biggest weaknesses in my life. It’s not the fear of a one sided conversation, it’s the public spot light. Over time I have learned to control this fear. I personally believe there are 3 key characteristics that are essential to effective communication; the first is having a clear, concise message. People need to understand what you are saying with little to no struggle on their behalf. This is the main point of a speech, you have something to say to me, I will listen to your message. The second characteristic is adherence to the facts; you must know the actualities about what you are talking about. Without knowing the facts, your message is not trusted, and you will lose your audience because they don’t trust you. If Donald Trump says “Mexicans are rapist…” where’s the proof? Last; a positive attitude goes a long way. Despite the topic, it doesn’t matter how well you know the topic or not. The tone you present for your presentation will either sink you message or not.

I have never been a strong public speaker. Like I said I know where my weaknesses are. I have come to learn, weather I like it or not, I have to improve public communication. It is a part of my life and throughout my career I will be forced to give speeches. I must adapted and overcome this obstacle. Like the three characteristics I mentioned before, I have also have improved in other areas of my communications. The organization and material of what I have to say has enhanced. When I conducted research on my topic, I was confident in what I was looking for and what I was reading. It was if I was just picking little facts from a tree, but did not understand them.

For my last speech, I talked about wh...

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... I don’t know how we would have done debates online, but I would of love to talk more about its structure. I think in human communication, majority of the time we are debating in what we believe in or what we believe is right. We talked about this a bit in relationship. When a couple is at a disagreement, you asked if we are assertive or not. The same thing can be applied elsewhere.

Overall I believe I have a lot I can take away from this class. It I did learn more about human interaction then I thought I was going to learn. For example, I never heard of Maslow 's hierarchy of needs. I never really thought of speech writing and human phycology was related, until now. After looking at how humans interaction and communicate I understand how this can applied for any speech, and can help attract certain groups that you are after to share your message with.

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