Key Characteristics Of A Strategic Leader Essay

Key Characteristics Of A Strategic Leader Essay

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When it comes to being a leader, it often takes specific personality traits and skills to pull off a certain leadership style. Strategic leaders are no different and the qualities of these leaders have been extensively studied as well. Below are some of the core traits strategic leaders should have and the abilities they need in order to lead strategically.

The characteristics of a strategic leader

The strategic leadership model requires plenty from its leader. Since the leader has to be involved with every aspect of the organisation, the needed characteristics emphasise the leader’s people skills and organisational abilities. The below five are the key characteristics a strategic leader should focus on developing in order to succeed.


Strategic leaders need to be able to look at complex situations and come up with the best solutions for moving forward. Therefore, the leader must be curious about the options and be able to question things. If you don’t feel inquisitive, you won’t be able to find strategic solutions to questions, as you’ll just rely on things you’ve previously learned.
Inquisitive personality can provide leaders a number of benefits. It can help in building relationship with other people because you are curious about their worldview and opinions. But it also makes learning new things easier. If you are able to find an angle that interests you, learning about almost anything is much easier and more fun. When you learn new things, you naturally become better at leading since your understanding of the world is better. You can make connections and get a fresh insight by looking at things from new perspectives, rather than just staying inside your comfort zone.
Improving your inquisitive nature isn’t dif...

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...nge these predictions. The actions the leader takes now must be aware of the different roads ahead for the business.

• The ability to decide. But the leader cannot be inactive or spend too much time simply thinking about the different possibilities. The future and its many outcomes cannot stop the strategic leader from making decisions, because inaction can damage the business. Therefore, a strategic leader is able to interpret and predict and then come to a conclusion which tells the direction the company will move towards. Although strategic leadership is not about barking orders to subordinates, the leader’s role is still to point out the direction and coach the team towards it.

Finally, to get an insight into some of the abilities and skills strategic leaders need, watch the below video of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz explaining the habits of strategic leader.

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