The Key Aspects Of Information Technology Security Essay

The Key Aspects Of Information Technology Security Essay

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The quick development in the field of technology made it important for all the big business to implement such technology in their industry procedures, so that competitive benefits over others can be accomplished. The following paragraph contains a brief description about the information technology security in general//.
With the increasing benefits of implementing the technology in the business places, most of the business organizations have identified such technology as one of the crucial aspects for achieving success. The importance of IT has been recognized by most of the business organizations which compel them to implement such technology in their business processes. With the increasing number of business organizations experiencing the benefits of IT implementation, there also evolves a threat of damage to their business processes. As a result, the security of their business has been a major cause of concern. In fact, the aspect of security has been given due importance by these business organizations and as such, it is no longer considered as an event or a part time assignment, rather it has been taken as a continuous process from both, the technology and management perspective. The increasing number of computer hackers has also become a major cause of concern for these business organizations, as they have the potential to badly impact the important information of the organization. As such, the security of technology is the prime concern for all the business organizations (Oliva, 2004).
Some of the tool which were used and some are still in use are:
• Intrusion detection and prevention systems: This was very handy tool but new version named Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) has evolved and rectified the IDPS drawbacks. Intru...

... middle of paper ...

...organization are related to the security of such technology. The major threat is from the hackers who are responsible for causing damages to the important data of the organization. As such, the protection of such technology has been of utmost importance for the business organization to experience its benefits. In this competitive era, it is essential for the business organization to transfer valuable information to their subsidiaries that are in operation in some other countries. In such circumstances, it is essential to have proper security in the technology to be used in data transformation, as any kind of data loss would enable the competitors to outperform the business organization from the market. Thus, the security of information technology that is in use is of prime importance, as it has its impacts on the overall performance of the organization (Thorp, 2003).

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