The Key Aspects Of Cognitive And Cognitive Development During These Stages

The Key Aspects Of Cognitive And Cognitive Development During These Stages

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There are eight life stages in a human lifespan; however in this essay I’m only going to identify five. I’m also going to identify the key aspects of cognitive and behavioural development during these stages. I’m also going to explain social work intervention at each life stage and explore the need for it.
Birth & infancy 0-3years
Cognitive development - From birth a baby should be able to cry when in need of attention. Babies should also blink in reaction to bright light and be able to follow movements of objects. Babies have reflexes such as sucking, grasping and crying. Around 12 months they begin recognizing familiar people from a certain distance. Two year olds should be able use a spoon for self-feeding, put shoes on and draw circles and dots. They also start to use a preferred hand as well as following simple instructions. Around the age of three years old, children can understand time by morning, afternoon and evening and can pay close attention to stories and make remarks related to those stories.
Behaviour development – Babies and young infants’ behaviour is mainly dominated by using crying as a means of communication. They can turn their heads towards the smell of their care giver or food. From the age of two years, children often start getting upset when sharing their toys with other children. They could be aggressive towards others (hitting, kicking, biting etc.). At this stage they may have fear towards strangers and may have difficulties in sleeping.
Social workers tend to be more actively involved at this stage than at any other life stage in the human lifespan. At birth & infancy if a child doesn’t blink in reaction to bright lights it could be that the child is blind. If it confirmed that a child is blind, soc...

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...e stages. At old age people may forget things easily and diseases such as Alzheimers may not enable them to do things by themselves, so social workers may get involved in looking for the best care which suits their needs in this case it could be assisted living accommodation. At old age people can be emotional isolated due to bereavement and they may slow down productivity. In this case social workers can get involved by adding a routine to their lifestyle such as getting more involved with the community or going to day care centres.
In conclusion I think social workers are more involved at three life stages which are birth& infancy, childhood and old age because they are more vulnerable. They get involved a lot more during adolescence and adulthood when the service user has a disability or they are going through a difficult time such as divorce or domestic violence.

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