Key Aspects a Team Needs to Be Successful and Perform at Their Best Essay

Key Aspects a Team Needs to Be Successful and Perform at Their Best Essay

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A successful team requires several key aspects, to perform at their best.
The team is not effective, as they do not integrate effective team procedures into their tasks. To improve their success they need to be organised and create an effective work team. To achieve this Planning and organising, Intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, Quality teams, Team processes need to be employed.
A successful team implements good planning puts tasks into perspectives, which involves setting goals which are able to be met and being able to prioritise the tasks at hand. Planning enables the team to set achievable goals and therefore complete the tasks at hand on time. The team is not performing at their best due to the lack of planning and organising on their behalf, this has hence lead to problems within the team. The team has not effectively planned there time which is evident as team are not completing work on time. This can lead to the team members being stressed and taking the work home with them. It is recommended that team first prioritise the tasks that need to be completed earlier, and then set small manageable goals to work their way towards. (Rasmussen, Mylonas and Beck, 2009)By doing this they will be able to meet their deadlines and therefore give them a sense of accomplishment and increase productivity of all involved. (Rasmussen, Mylonas and Beck, 2012)These manageable goals will also allow each of the team members to see what needs to be done to be completed before the next meeting, instead of doing a small amount of work on each task. The team not also needs to implement a plan, but to have a successful team they need to exercise good interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
An effective team member has the ability to commun...

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... complete the objectives on time.
In conclusion the group is not working effectively and consequently they have not been able to complete the work efficiently to have it done on time. This can be rectified by making the preceding suggestions to the organisation and planning of the team, the team processes, the communication skills they possess and ultimately creating a quality team. By implementing the recommendation they will produce a policy that in completed on time but also to a high standard of quality.

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