Essay on Kerry Marshall and Faith Ringgold: Contemporary Artists

Essay on Kerry Marshall and Faith Ringgold: Contemporary Artists

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Art is a skill used by humans which allows them to express ideas through writing, drawing, picture, sculpture, or other form. An artist can use art to prove a point to society, draw people’s attention to a situation or just as a means of entertainment in its design. Contemporary art is art produced at the present period in time or within our lifetime (Contemporary Art). Through contemporary art, artists are able to express social ideas or causes by giving us a glimpse into past events which have occurred because of decisions or actions and create a work which represent those events. Sometimes an artist uses as his or her inspiration a past event from their lives which has brought a strong emotion. Two contemporary artists who created art which is based on their experiences as children and which is also influenced by their ethnic and cultural perspective are Kerry Marshall and Faith Ringgold. Childhood inspirations can motivate an artist to create art which conveys that experience and provides them an outlet for expressing their inner feelings.
Tar Beach is art made by the African- American female artist Faith Ringgold in 1988 which is made on canvass and is bordered with printed and painted quilted cloth. The artwork is in the Solomon R. Guggen Museum in New York. Tar Beach is considered a Contemporary art work because it was based on Ringgold’s childhood while living in Harlem, New York. The title “Tar Beach” is the name given to the rooftop of the apartment building where Ringgold lived and where her family slept on hot summer nights. The artwork tells the fictionalized story of a little girl named Cassie and her brother who lay on a blanket on the rooftop in the lower right corner of the art piece while their p...

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