Essay on The Kenya Meteorological Society

Essay on The Kenya Meteorological Society

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The Kenya Meteorological Society (KMS) was registered in 1987, as a non-profit making professional/scientific society, in a bid to promote the understanding of meteorology and its applications, among other functions, in Kenya and beyond. During its short span of existence, the Society has undertaken its duties with dedication.

The Society is set to attain its goals by facilitating communication of important findings, which contribute towards the advancement of meteorological knowledge to Kenyans and the global community at large. In this regard it is the policy of the Society to encourage research in Meteorology and other related sciences; organize local and international Meteorological workshops, conferences, symposia; introduce public education; and, sensitize the public on the important aspects of Meteorology such as drought, desertification and climate change.
Vision of the Society:

To be a world class Society in promotion of the Science of Meteorology and its Applications in Socio-economic sectors that spur growth and development.

Mission of the Society:

“To advance meteorological and related sciences and their applications and maintain its position as a regional professional and learned society in order provide leadership for all in the weather, climate and related fields.”


1. Collect, register, analyze and from time to time publish proceedings which have contributed to the progress of meteorological knowledge.
2. Offer facilities for communicating important discoveries which contribute towards advancement of meteorological knowledge.
3. Collect and maintain a valuable library of scientific works and charts which will be accumulated constantly.
4. Sec...

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c) Secretary d) Vice-Secretary

e) Treasurer f) Vice- Treasurer

g) Executive committees h) Trustees

Interested Members intending to contest are kindly requested to pick, fill and return the nomination form to the KMS Secretariat not later than Thursday, 20th February 2014 forwarding their names and position of interest to the KMS Secretariat. A list of confirmed candidates will be announced via email in the run up to the AGM and contestants will be given an opportunity to give their election pledge at the floor of the meeting.

Ordinary members are requested to renew their membership subscription to the Society. Kindly note that only paid up members of the Society are eligible to attend and participate in the meeting according to the rules and regulations of the Society.

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