Keny A Country Of The East Of Africa Essay

Keny A Country Of The East Of Africa Essay

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Kenyan is a country that is in the East of Africa. The country straddles the equator, covering a total of 224,961 square miles (582,600 square kilometers; roughly twice the size of the state of Nevada). Kenya has wide white-sand beaches on the coast. Inland plains cover three-quarters of the country; they are mostly bush, covered in underbrush. In the west are the highlands where the altitude rises from three thousand to ten thousand feet. ( Nairobi, the largest city and the capital of Kenya is located in the central highlands.
Kenyan 's do not share a single overview on religion considering the fact that they have more than45 ethnic groups that practice different cultures. “The majority of Kenyan 's grow up either as Christian, Muslim, or traditional believers” ( Sobina 32). This illustrates the difference in religion. They also tend to practice these religions differently depending on what tribe you come from. An example would be “a Swahili Muslim has a different world view from a Mijikenda Muslim, even though both are from the coast” (Sobina 32). As a result of the overview in religion in Kenya, when situations seems really dangerous, they tend to consult a traditional healer to satisfy their concerns about the role of the ancestors and spirit world.( Sobina 32).
Norms and values
Kenyans beliefs and values vary since they are several tribes in the country. Looking at different kinds of culture, they all have something in common with their traditions. Kenyan 's value Morality, Respect for people 's property, and good leadership. There several things that different cultures value, but these are the universal val...

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...t such a wide variety of languages exists.
Societal Tendencies
Contemporary Kenyans tend to lean more towards a collectivist mentality than an individualistic one . Comparable to traditional Asian culture, the family, and by extension the greater community, all act in one stead. Therefore, society can only mobilize if all participants within the society move in a common direction towards a common goal. The term that Kenyans use to define their collective nature is “Harambee. ” Every effort is made to incorporate comradery among Kenyans, usually through the concepts of mutual assistance, mutual effort, mutual responsibility, and community self-reliance. These concepts are especially true in the agriculture industry of Kenya, which relies on several communities within a particular geographical location coming together to create and yield a particular harvest.

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