Essay on Keny A Country Of The Continent Of Africa

Essay on Keny A Country Of The Continent Of Africa

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Kenya is a country located in the continent of Africa. It is believed that people first roamed Kenya more than 2 million years ago. Cushitic migrated from North Africa to Kenya. Although they were one of the first people to migrate to Kenya they have always been a minority. Arabian traders later emerged in Kenya and took over the country quite rapidly. They were searching for ivory, rhino horn, gold, and slaves to trade with other countries. The focal areas of trade within Kenya were Mombasa, Malindi and the Islands Lamu. As a result of their invasion, they left behind a Muslim culture for Kenyans to adapt to. Kenyans were also taught Kiswahili or Swahili to better communicate with Arabians; which in turn allowed Kenyans to make more money. Later, the Portuguese invaded Kenya and took control from Arabia. They wanted power over the Indian Ocean and control over trade in and out of Kenya. The Portuguese tried to influence Catholicism. During their reign, they built Fort Jesus in 1593. The fort was built in defense of the Arabians and Swahili people because they had begun to revolt. Arabians tried to fight off the Portuguese as much as they could they gaining a few victories along the way. But, with the help of Oman in the 1600s, Arab regained control. Persians, Indians and Southeast Asians also invaded Kenya, leaving the country full of diversity (State)
In 1885, the Berlin Conference took place. The purpose of the conference was to discuss the division of Africa into colonies. The conference was mainly led by Europe and Germany. Europeans intruded Kenya without any regard to the tribes that previously occupied the area. Europeans created a railway through African countries to access trade materials more efficiently. Kenya was then...

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...think that if they keep the image of beauty and nature then their tourism will only increase. Agriculture is a never dying revenue generator, they just have to be careful not to fully rely on it. I think that they can use microfinance to their advantage; they could really speed up the process of having a successful government. Microfinance provides an opportunity for the government to help the worst parts of its government without actually spending its own money. Although, Kenya has progressed and is one of the most advanced third world country in Africa, it’s still a third world country. I honestly believe that microfinance can take Kenya out of that category. I think that because Kenya is a more stable country other dominant countries would look to them for trade and business etc. I think that if the country’s able to maintain in control than they will be great.

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