Kentucky Fried Chicken: The Colonel's Way Essay

Kentucky Fried Chicken: The Colonel's Way Essay

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Technological environment can affect the way a business communicates to its customers. It can also improve the quality of service and product that consumers are purchasing. In India, science and technology has been a part of their culture since the being of times. In order for companies to stay competitive, they must constantly evaluate the way they conduct business in areas such as product promotion and customer distribution. In order to keep track of customers and their habits, data collection is becoming a powerful tool for management to make decisions.
Carol Tice (2012), states from a study that consumers are looking for companies to do business with that will speed up dining experience as well as improving processes for paying their bill. With a large population in India, fast food companies have to find ways to use technology such as smart phones, social media, ipad kiosk, and table top menus to improve the speed of ordering. When the waiting line for ordering becomes too long, companies take a chance of losing a sell. By using technology, a fast food company can take advantage of promoting certain products from their menus. The use of technology not only speeds up the ordering process, but also can create a positive experience for the consumers.
It’s important for fast food companies to distribute a quality product to its customers to create a positive brand experience. The technology that goes into distribution can relate to how fast food companies purchase from wholesalers, preparing product, and storing food. Companies have to ensure they are buying quality product from certified wholesalers. Once the product is sent to the locations, the food has to be prepared according to health and safety sta...

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