Kenneth Waltz : An American Political Scientist Essay

Kenneth Waltz : An American Political Scientist Essay

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Kenneth Waltz was an american political scientist who was one of the most prominent in the field of international relations. Mr Waltz is considered the founder of neorealism in international relations theory. He was highly recognized as one of the preeminent scholars of the postwar period with his profound theorists of international relations. He focused on real world issues and showed us how an theory can be used to illuminate crucial policy issues. Keeping that in mind, yes i do believe that he is considered an realist. Kenneth waltz was a realist, but not a full realist, more of an neorealist theory in the regard of international relations. His thoughts of Anarchy is considered a form of realism. His ideology is “States alway will find a way to get an upper hand”. It 's a battle of the powers, without any wars. In his Anarchy approach, a central government is to be establish to order to enforce rules, compelling actors to seek security through their own means, leading to distrust and conflict. He is famous for arguing the fundamental of ordering principle of international political system is anarchy.

He believed that super powers were the ones with the power, instead power equally distributed amongst each other states. It didn 't matter if about currency or economically structure, it all matter about who has the biggest military strength. His theory was based on who has the better army and the most resources. His theories work more like laws than just statements or theories.. It always had relationships between variables. Even today in an Post Cold war and 9/11 era, his ideology is fully embraced. His distribute of power amongst states is the theory that is most often used today. In today 's world, states act to preserver ...

... middle of paper ... its reputation for power, or military capability, by repeatedly sending troops and army machinery to Ukraine without firing. Neorealism explains that Russia is trying to up holds its image of power in order to prove to the EU and NATO that it is capable and willing to go to war against them. The credibility of such a threat is questionable, knowing that it would be irrational for Russia to actually go to war when nuclear weapons are involved and against such a huge and powerful alliance as NATO. Because the threat is not as threatening as Russia would want it to be, the EU is not agreeing to Russia’s demands. As both sides want to increase security and power, diplomatic talks will take a very long time to achieve. Both Russia and the EU are reluctant to find a compromise because, as neorealism argues, both sides care about who gains more, not if both sides gain.

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