Kennedy 's Speech At Rice University Essay

Kennedy 's Speech At Rice University Essay

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Kennedy’s Speech at Rice University
John F. Kennedy made a historic speech at Rice stadium just shortly before America put our first man on the moon. He saw how much this would bring our country together and how patriotic America became and he wanted that to continue. He saw how quickly the technology of the world was progressing and he knew America needed to be first in the race for space. He made a passionate speech expressing these feelings and he conveyed his message very well. Kennedy knew how important and beneficial these leaps of technology would be to the world, to the nation, and to people everywhere; he let nothing hold him back from expressing this to the people.
First of all, Kennedy knew how beneficial this accomplishment would be to the world. The technology to come after such a great endeavor would be out of this world – literally. Some people may see space exploration as a waste of time and resources, because they do not understand the achievements that have been accomplished because of things that scientists learn from space exploration. RJ Ringrow says it best in Engineering &Technologies’ June 2014 issue:
“I find it incredible that E&T readers question the need to investigate the possibility of colonizing Mars (Letters, May 2014). Ignoring the impact that space exploration has already had on technology and society, many of the big issues that plague the human race today can be alleviated, if not solves by increased space exploration, not less. Exploration always leads to exploration and subsequent development.”
So as you can see, space exploration is much more beneficial than most people think. Kennedy knew what he was talking about when he say, “We meet at a college noted for knowledge, a city note...

... middle of paper ...

...y fulfilled his dream and grew up to be commander of the International Space Station.”
Not only did space exploration inspire people, but it also led to many medical advances that saved lives. He saw how important this adventure into space was and he said “Its conquest deserves the best of all mankind, and its opportunity for peaceful cooperation many never come again.” He wanted the world to become a better place for all people and because of that, he spoke passionately of the “Race for Space”.
Kennedy speech was inspiring to the world, America, and to individuals everywhere. He knew how beneficial reaching the moon would be and he wanted the world to achieve that. He used many tactics to convey his message and it was received very well by the people. He spoke passionately of space exploration and he knew that these advances into space would not be in vain.

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