Essay on The Kennedy Nixon Debate Of 1960

Essay on The Kennedy Nixon Debate Of 1960

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The Kennedy-Nixon debate of 1960 was a glimpse of what was in store for the future of elections when it comes to technology. That was the first televised debate, and Kennedy used the new technology to his advantage and took the election from that point on (Webley). Since the television, presidential hopefuls have embraced new technological advances so they can try to win the election, starting with Bush v. Gore in the 2000 election, since this was the first time that candidates had their own websites (Vettese). The Internet has become more accessible by everyone, even young children use it, and now it 's being used to its full effect when it comes to elections. With the rise of the Internet in today’s society, it plays a more important role in elections like generally for the better, whether it’s the threat of virality, access to new information more quickly, and new platforms to reach voters through social media, however the Internet does have room for bias that could be negatively affecting elections results.

Growing up with the Internet, I was always told to be careful what I post on the Internet, and this holds true for political candidates as well. In today’s campaigns, candidates are under a microscope, since everything they say or do could be the talk of the Internet for the rest of the campaign. They have to live in constant fear that what they say can go viral at any moment. Any time a candidate puts his foot in his mouth or does something ignorant, it is talked about over and over again. And example of this is when a video was posted of Mitt Romney ironing a tuxedo that we was wearing was made into vines, and GQ posted an article making fun of the incident (Deleon). Donald Trump’s rise as a serious presidenti...

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...ties like Google and Facebook are having some part in elections, and who knows why, but its assumed to help with their own desires.

A lot has changed since the first presidential debate, however it did set a precedent in what the future elections would look like, being changed by technology. In world today, we live surrounded by the Internet. It is almost impossible to be in society without being around it, and therefore, its taken over almost everything we do. This includes elections, which has been influenced by technological advances since the 60’s. The Internet has the power to make everything a candidate say come back to bite them, the power to bring the candidate and the voter together, and to share information with the voter in new platforms, however outside forces could be compromising the Internet by using the free access to information against us.

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