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Although the presentation, of information, might have been a bit fast paced for the likes of some, the arguments that Ken Robinson presents in his speech were effectively communicated, as they have both logical and emotional appeals. Ken’s portrayal of an outdated system, that is almost reliant on medication in order to be effective, was logically sound, as it is necessary to raise not only the standard of education, but the means through which our children are educated as well. Ken appealed to me emotionally in numerous areas, but the one that hit hardest, was when he mentioned that a college degree no longer guaranteed a job, it 's a scary thought that even though I have a college degree, there is still a chance that I may still end up working in a minimum wage job. Both of these are reasons that I was able to stay focused and, in essence, able to absorb the information that Ken was trying to convey, which is our need to remodel the educational system to a more modern fit.
Sir Ken Robinson draws the audience in right away with his first reason, being the need for the improvement our educational model, this is when he mentions that there is an economic demand for reform, but then raises the question of how do we tailor it to the economy, if that economy is unstable(Robinson). This is an attempt to appeal to the ethos of the audience, by stirring the fear of an unstable economy. Ken’s argument also describes a demand for reform of education, in a manner that helps the same unstable economy. He lumps this in with the necessity to educate while at the same time still maintaining who we are as a culture(Robinson). The second statement appeals to those who have strong cultural ties, that are also worried about their children receivin...

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...nourish the creativity of our youth, rather than squash it.
While most people might not think that there is anything wrong with the educational model, Sir Ken Robinson provides multiple compelling arguments, that details the systems call for reform. His arguments are well thought, as well as logically and emotionally appealing. I was enthralled with his arguments, having already believed that the system was flawed. He takes the tone of a concerned citizen, whose goal isn’t to attack the system, but rather point out a few of the many flaws. He illustrates his points well with comparisons, imagery, and numerous examples. By the end of the speech I felt compelled to try and do what I can to help reform this system so that future generations are able to be overwhelmed with new technologies that are utilized in order to keep up with the high demand for visual stimulation.

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