Essay Keeping With The Adlerian Model

Essay Keeping With The Adlerian Model

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In keeping with the Adlerian model, using an open forum setting with the parents of this family could prove to be effective. Knowing that this family is generally functional, and is looking for help to improve their communication skills together, they would be a good fit for this practice. Providing a framework where respect and support concerning this family’s dilemma is reciprocated between the parents, audience members, and therapist, would be important for all participating to understand, in order to ensure the family’s best interest is priority (LaFountain & Mustaine, 1998, p.190). Ground rules would need to be established for the audience members who ask questions, and contribute to the conversation, to do so with a focus on the family at hand, unless otherwise specified by the therapist ” (Bitter, 2014, p.142). Amongst the audience could be fellow police families, including those who have older children that are now adults, people with children at the same life stage as the presenting family, and people with younger children who would like to learn from the presenting family, for their own future. By doing so it would set the stage for a “dynamic educational process” (LaFountain & Mustaine, 1998, p.190) with the goal of providing the presenting family with “motivational modification” (Bitter, 2014, p.139) objectives that they can choose to commit to putting into practice, or not, with the accountability of the therapist, alongside the audience. A barrier to contend with is the possibility that the parents may not be completely forthright in what they share, due to fear of being judged or stigmatized by the audience members. Perhaps, having audience members share stories of how they can relate to what the parents are ...

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... to them.
This together, could begin a process, between therapy sessions, of applying positive modifications to this family’s approach in communication. Committing together to put into practice some of the collaborative ideas, problem solving skills, and communication techniques that came about in the therapy sessions, could lead this family down the path of healthier communication where individuals emotions and thoughts are valued and validated, breaking the cycle of hurtful communication. In retrospect, this would have been a wonderful support to my childhood family, helping us be that much stronger. Keeping in mind my family of origin, including my present day family, I identify some of the same communication patterns occurring. Perhaps, it would be wise for us to enter into a family therapy setting to help strengthen our family unit today and learn together.

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