Keeping The Art Of Conversation Essay

Keeping The Art Of Conversation Essay

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Don’t Just Tweet, Let’s Talk
Keeping the Art of Conversation Alive
We live in a world where our society and culture dictates how we behave and what is appropriate or not when making a conversation. This guideline or etiquette of sorts is suggested in Dorothy Nevill’s quote; “The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” She explains that having a meaningful conversation runs deeper than “just saying the right thing” but, also knowing when not say something inappropriate or impulsively, which may bring about shame or embarrassment to yourself or others involved. It is this shame or embarrassment that Mark Twain points out in his quote; “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to” which can be a result of this lack of judgment. However, in today’s Internet age the etiquette of conversation is going extinct with the increasing use of social media and texting as ways to avoid face-to-face conversation. In fact, in this online world, people tend to say whatever they want unfiltered with no sense of shame or embarrassment and with no fear of the consequences.
Over the years, the way we communicate has changed drastically due to the rise of online communication resulting in a rapid decline of face-to-face conversation. In this fast paced lifestyle, there is no room for small talk like in a traditional conversation and people can simply go offline without any explanation, unlike in a face-to-face conversation where it would be considered rude to just walk off. People no longer feel the need for direct human interaction and they can go without contact for extended periods while still staying “connected.” In fact, most of the younger ge...

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...alled “ Empathy in the Internet Age – Better or Worse?” by Nathan Timmel talks about how people faced by tragedies are being attacked by strangers online because sadly the Internet gives everyone a voice minus the compassion all in the name of free speech. (Timmel)
This was a funny tweet by Jason Gay “There’s a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking coffee like a psychopath” We can all relate to Jason as we can’t imagine leaving our homes without our phones or other electronic devices. Even activities like drinking coffee cannot be enjoyed without unplugging. Technology may have brought us closer by keeping us “connected” but in reality has taken us apart. Human interaction shouldn’t be replaced with technology but must compliment it. Let’s remember to talk to each other and keep the art of conversation alive!

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