Keeping Society Informed with Journalism Essay

Keeping Society Informed with Journalism Essay

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America is always changing and in order to keep citizens out of uncertainty, there is journalism. The main point of journalism is to keep society operating properly by providing information that is reliable to the people and undoubtedly correct (Curtis). In other words, journalism acts as a way to keep the public informed (Magar). A journalist gives citizens news and information that doesn’t just serve a small group of people, but serves the community as an entirety (Holman). The people in a democracy get informed on news that ranges from small importance, to extremely important information. Journalism encourages citizens to speak their mind through their rights of opinion and expression (Magar). With the information that journalism provides, people are influenced to make decisions that will primarily affect their own lives. Without journalism, citizens would have very poor knowledge on what the government is up to (Magar). News of the decisions and happenings of government is given to people through journalism. Journalists’ writings not only provide government actions, but also acts as a grounds of public discussion where opinions and ideas are shared so citizens can get an even better idea of what’s going on throughout the nation (Chinlund). Another key component to journalism is keeping the public entertained. It provides news for all communities and makes significant occurrences more interesting and relevant so people can enjoy learning about it (Kovach). Without journalism it would be very difficult for worldwide information to be dispersed to citizens and the world wouldn’t be what it is today. Journalism is an important factor to a functioning society.
Journalism provides citizens with information that is useful...

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...d them, a functioning society is formed. Citizens have the right to be informed on everything that goes on and this is achieved with the help of journalists. It would be chaotic if people weren’t aware of national occurrences and they wouldn’t be able to work together to resolve an issue. Journalism provides the public with a sort of structure that allows people to combine their knowledge and help society progress. Being the most diverse and free country in the world, America sets a great example for the rest of humanity. People aren’t afraid to speak their mind and express their thoughts with thanks to journalism. It’s important for every citizen to be treated equally and feel like they’re included within the whole of the nation. If there was no journalism, the world would be completely different than it is currently and society would be lacking in strength.

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