Keeping Secrets From The United States Essay

Keeping Secrets From The United States Essay

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For every nation, the government should be looking out for the people’s well-being. After the United States was formed one president acknowledged this idea. Lincoln can be roughly quoted as saying, the government is of, for, and by the people. So does the government have the right to keep secrets from the people? There are many government officials who believe the people will panic if the people find out all the knowledge the government knows. Yet, government officials are selected by the people to represent the people. Therefore is it right for these officials to keep secrets from the people if the people originally trusted these government officials to hold positions in office. If the people choose which government officials go into office and the people can put all of their trust into the government, then shouldn’t the government be able to have full trust in the people. For that reason, it does not seem justifiable for the government to be able to keep secrets that will eventually have a direct impact on the people later in life.
Keeping secrets from the people will not have any positive results. The government believes if they keep secrets from the people this will protect the people. However, this belief is incorrect. When the government keeps secrets from the people, this doesn’t give the people a real chance at protecting themselves. One example of this is explained in a book that analyzes the problem of secrets kept from the people called “Secrets,” by Michael A. Ledeen where he talks about the Cuban missile crisis. John Kennedy kept hidden from the people the possible chance of a nuclear war attack by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The decision between the two countries to deploy nuclear weapons during this war ...

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...otential decisions, then the people will have a chance to revise any mistakes in the policy that the government did not notice. Keeping secrets from the people will not keep the people safe.
In conclusion, the government does not have the right to hide blunders or keep any secrets from the people. The government is of, for, and by the people. This to means the people truly run the government and that means the people should know everything that the government does. The people will have a better chance to prepare themselves for whatever may happen in the future if the government informs the people about everything. The government will also be able to protect the people more efficiently if they share information with other nations. Lastly, any treaty made in secret will never work. All in all, the people should know everything the government knows in order to be safe.

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