Keeping Money For A Good Car Essay

Keeping Money For A Good Car Essay

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As I think through where I want my life to be financially, both now and in the future, there are a few statements that fit with the now category. One is to begin paying back my student loan debt. That way I will be able to save myself from having to pay more for interest on the loans. Another statement is to start saving money for a good car. I realized in my financial plan how expensive taking a taxi to work would be and now I know for certain that I need to be able to buy my own car and the necessities that accompany one. Thirdly, I would like to start giving more money to the church on Sunday mornings. I have also thought of statements for the future. One of these being to save money for a home. This is important to me because I want my children to have a nice home to grow up in. Another statement is to finish paying of my college debt; however, I hope to have this completely paid off earlier rather than later. Finally, I want to be able to help pay for the tuition my children have for college. For the far future, I want to have enough money in savings to pay for my expenses and ...

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